Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Far too much time passes between blog posts regarding the preparations for my upcoming charity challenge, to raise £3800 for my local Hospice to trek the Inca Trail next year (read all about it here). So, I am going to combine an update with my entry to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, the topic of which is Spring.

Last Monday, (Bank Holiday Monday) I had a pleasant surprise in that my other half finished work a lot earlier than we expected – 12pm instead of 8pm, which was a huge bonus. Not wanting to waste his new-found freedom we decided that we’d go out for a drive around the countryside, which quickly turned in to an adventure to High Force, a stunningly beautiful waterfall near Middleton-in-Teesdale .

High Force waterfall

High Force waterfall

We’ve been to High Force many times but have always stuck to one particular route, for those who are familiar with High Force we have always parked at the pub and taken the trail which leads to the bottom of the waterfall. Every time we have taken this route we have seen people at the top on the other sides of the falls and wondered how the hell they got there. On Monday we decided that we would finally find the route and experience the falls from the other side, which involved a 2-mile walk from our starting point (Bowlees picnic area) to the falls. This provided a fantastic opportunity to finally get the brand spanking new walking boots out of the box and begin ‘breaking them in’ ahead of the Inca Trail next year.

Putting the hiking boots to good use!

Putting the hiking boots to good use!

A couple of friends joined us and we had a lovely afternoon exploring the new trail and delighting in the wonders of Spring…finally bringing me around to the Weekly Photo Challenge that is Spring! I love spring, it is without a doubt my favourite season of the year. Spring is a new dawn, full of life and injecting colour back in to the world, which is so dull and grey and depressing throughout winter. I actually feel myself becoming happier and more positive in spring, it’s almost like I’m part of the whole process!

The best part of spring for me is watching the spring lambs as they find their confidence. You can always tell the new born lambs as they don’t venture too far from their mothers, but then they get to a certain age and all of a sudden they are the most adventurous little balls of white fluff you ever laid eyes on. And have you ever noticed how they seem to become ‘cliquey’ and run around in little gangs? Seriously, I could just watch them frolicking around the countryside all day, they are so damn cute!

Spring lambs causing mischief

Spring lambs causing mischief

Spring lambs


Not only did we see many a cute lamb on our little adventure, but also ducklings! If I love anything as much as spring lambs it has got to be ducklings! Unfortunately they were on the far side of the river and didn’t venture our way, but I was still pretty excited to see my first ducklings of the year….that’s right, I know what you’re thinking…I clearly have issues! What can I say? I just love animals!Ducklings

Anyway, all in all we had a lovely afternoon, took a load of photo’s (at which point I should clarify that some of the photo’s I have posted as part of the challenge were taken by me, and some by the other half) and finally began my training (if a 4 mile stroll through the countryside can be classed as training?) for the Inca Challenge.



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