Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

Ok, ok, I’m joining the party pretty late here but I didn’t check out this (almost last) week’s Weekly Photo Challenge until this morning, and I really wanted to take part so here is my last minute entry!

Given that my blog is mainly about my upcoming challenge, to raise £3800 for my local Hospice so that I may trek the Inca Trail next year, I felt that I had the perfect photograph to share which is both relevant to this week’s photo challenge, and also to my own personal challenge. So here goes, this is me ‘On Top’ of Ben Nevis… or more accurately at the summit of Ben Nevis.

On the summit of the UK's tallest mountain

On the summit of the UK’s tallest mountain

Back in 2010 I tackled my biggest ever personal challenge, (hopefully you’ve guessed it by now!) taking part in the Ben Nevis Challenge, raising money for Breast Cancer Care. It was a looooong day, which I wasn’t fully prepared for… I thought I was prepared, but going out for 3-4 hour walks a few times over the summer, and long lunch time walks were never going to prepare me for the challenge of climbing the UK’s tallest mountain! I can’t tell you how relieved I felt when this photo was taken, finally we were at the top! It only took 5 1/2 long, gruelling hours but we got there eventually. Unfortunately, we still had to get back down which was almost as difficult!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

  1. Thank you! It was a fantastic, if gruelling experience, and very emotional at the top, particularly for those in the group who had lost loved ones. I pledge to be more prepared for Inca!


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