I’ve hit a milestone! And I can now pee standing up!

It’s been a while since my last fundraising update, and I’m extremely pleased/proud as punch/over the moon to announce that my current total stands at just over half-way to the minimum required funds (£3800) to take part in the trek!

Over half way to the £3800 minimum!

Over half way to the £3800 minimum!

Raffle ticket sales are going really well, nearly £500 and still another week to go. This being my first raffle I wasn’t too sure what to expect and set myself a target of £250; I am so pleased that it looks like I’ll double that figure.

My 30th birthday came earlier this week, which I totally used to my advantage; encouraging Facebook friends to sponsor me the minimum amount allowed on JustGiving, which brought in quite a few sponsors and support. I mean, if you can’t use your birthday as an excuse to ask for sponsorship, what can you use?

Speaking of my birthday, some of my lovely work colleagues gave me plenty of chocolate and some useful gifts for the big trek next year, hand sanitiser and…. a She-Wee! For those who don’t know what a She-Wee is, it’s a little device that allows us females to have a tinkle outdoors without needing to squat behind a bush!

Just what every girl wants for her 30th birthday!

Just what every girl wants for her 30th birthday!

Back in 2010 when I tackled the Ben Nevis Challenge, my friend and partner in crime educated me on the features of these contraptions as we discussed our concerns about spending all day climbing the UK’s tallest mountain and our bathroom needs. I never actually got around to buying one for Ben Nevis, and having only spent the one day on the trail it wasn’t a necessity, but I can certainly see the benefits of taking this on the Inca trail. How does it work? Errr, I’m not too sure yet, I’m a little scared of it and have plenty of time to figure it out, (by practicing in the shower according to the instructions!)


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