Keep Calm and Buy Raffle Tickets

Keep Calm and Buy Raffle Tickets

in the last two week’s I (with the help of my colleagues) have made some great progress with the raffle I’m going to do at Easter time, and have been contacting local businesses for donations of prizes, which is going really well and I’m now itching to start selling raffle tickets!

Last week I received a fantastic donation towards the raffle, a brand new Kindle Fire HD given to me by an old school friend who is a successful travel blogger, you can find his inspirational blog, Man vs Clock, here. Anthony won the Kindle through this blog, but Royal Mail couldn’t guarantee that it would actually reach him on his travels and so it stayed with his mam until he kindly offered it towards my raffle. A great big thanks to Anthony for his kind generosity; the Kindle is definitely one of the top prizes available!

I’ve also managed to get prizes such as an overnight stay in the suite of a local Castle, vouchers for meals in local restaurants, spa visits, treatments etc, so it’s all coming along nicely and I’m expecting more prizes to trickle in over the next week – for my first raffle it’s all rather exciting!


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