Breaking Bad habits

Breaking Bad habits

Image courtesy of Crutches and Couriers blog, (and a very similar blog post, which was not intentional at all!)

If you’re wondering why I’ve been so busy lately that I managed to neglect my blog for nearly two weeks, it’s because I have finally gotten around to watching Breaking Bad, and as it is on a one month free trial with Netflix we’re really cramming in as many episodes as we can at every opportunity. We’re not doing too badly, we’re already into season four and we’re just over half way through the one month trial. I don’t think we’ll get through every episode before the trial ends, but for £5.99 I’m sure we can manage one month paid.

We were quite late with the Breaking Bad craze, for some reason we didn’t watch it from the start, I can’t quite remember why now, but in any case we knew it was going to be one of those shows that you should really watch from the start and always keep up-to-date with, so we just let it go and knew we’d catch up one day. I’m so pleased we’re finally getting around to it now; it’s such a great show!

Anyway, Breaking Bad is the reason why I’ve been a little lax with my blog recently, so I’ve come up with a strategy to ensure that I don’t neglect my blog too much. I’ve drafted up a few, short (or shorter than usual) blog posts which I can post at my leisure which could well be the new way forward for me.  I’ve had to come back to this blog post and add in that this post was drafted when I hadn’t posted anything for two weeks, I just didn’t seem to plan the order in which I would publish each blog post….something to work on for the future!


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