Why do I do this to myself?

Ouch, ouch, ouch! My triceps are KILLING me! Seriously, it hurts to put my coat on, it even hurts lifting a mug of tea so that I can have a drink. Why am I in so much pain? Well it’s all self-inflicted. I finally took the plunge and tried out a Les Mills Body Pump class last week, (on Wednesday might I add, as I write this it is Sunday). Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and there was a great atmosphere in the class, but it was hard, really hard.

If you have no idea what Body Pump is, check out the video below.

On Thursday my arms were fine, I even felt a little smug about it, but the fronts of my thighs, (or the quads for anyone fitness minded…. I had to look it up on Google to be sure I was using the right name!) were pretty stiff and painful. On Friday I felt fine, totally fine. Then yesterday I woke up and the pain had set in in my arms…. I hadn’t escaped. The smug feeling from Thursday was well and truly over and self pity set in. I really hoped it would have magically disappeared over night and my arms would be back to normal today, but nope, that was just wishful thinking on my part.

Would I go back and torture myself again? Yes indeed I would, I mean, if I can’t cope with a few exercise classes now, how will I ever make it to Machu Picchu, right? So I’m booked in for another class tomorrow night – bring it on! 


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