Kitty’s first outing

Ok, so I’ve been a bit rubbish and haven’t stopped by my blog for nearly two weeks, I’m really sorry, I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had chance to sit down and type anything. What is annoying is I’ve had a few ideas of things to blog about and I can’t quite remember what they are!

One thing I can remember, and definitely wanted to share with you all is my little baby’s first outing, that’s right, I’m a proud mama to my ickle kitty Nala who recently turned six months, (don’t they grow up so quickly?). She was neutered a few weeks ago and now that the stitches have done their job and the wound has healed we finally let her loose on the great outdoors… and we were quite surprised.

Ever since we brought her home at 10 weeks old she has been fascinated with what happens on the other side of any window, and she always seems so eager to follow her big brother outside when he goes out, so we thought that when the day finally came for us to open up that door and give her an open invitation to the outdoor world that we wouldn’t see her for days… how wrong we were!

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As you may be able to assume from the photo’s above, our little Nala is rather intimidated by the outside world. She was very cautious, it took about 10 minutes for her to actually cross the threshold of the door, and when she did, she didn’t get very far, maybe 10 metres from the house! We shut the door at one point (to keep the heat in the house) and she flew back to it and started crying, honestly you’d think we’d just killed her favourite toy! She managed a whole 10 minutes outside, if that, before retreating indoors, and hasn’t really made any real effort to go back outside.

Now that another weekend is upon us I will be trying to entice her outside again. I only hope she becomes more brave and comes to love the outdoors as I’d quite like to get a peaceful night’s sleep without her pawing my face or meowing in my ear!


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