Let them eat cake!

“Where’s she been hiding?” You may well be wondering this as I did my blog post earlier than usual last week. I had intended to write an additional post mid-week, and had even half drafted it last week with a reflection on my participation in Zero to Hero challenge, and I just haven’t had chance to go back to it! I’m keeping this post shorter than what seems to be my usual standard, because after one very busy and hectic week I’m ready to chill out for a whole hour (if I’m lucky) before I go to bed.

So, no doubt you’re wondering what has kept me so busy? Well, this week I’ve been a good little fundraiser and made some excellent progress towards my challenge. This time last week I had raised a total of £626.01 towards my financial target of £3800. In the past week I have more than doubled that sum (just!), raising £627.41 in one week, bringing the grand total to £1253.42! What a fantastic week, and any doubts or concerns that were floating around my head last week (after I realised that I hadn’t really done much during December and January) have been blown away and my confidence is back!

So, how did I manage to raise this figure in less than a week when it had taken three months to previously achieve that figure? Well the majority of those funds came from a bake sale and tombola at work which I had been planning and preparing for a few weeks. Thanks to the generosity, kindness, support and awesome baking skills of my friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, who provided a fantastic selection of cakes, I was able to organise (and I quote one of customers who commented on my Facebook) “the best bake sale yet”. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take photographs of everything set up, however one of my colleagues did take a few photos for me, some of which I’ve included here for your enjoyment…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am very pleased to say that this and the tombola (the money all went in to one pot so I’m not sure how much came from the tombola but my guess is about £30-£40) I raised just over £400. I even have cakes left over and I’m still trying my luck to squeeze out a few more donations where possible!

Yesterday I spent the day in a local supermarket again (the same as last time) and collected £147.14 – that’s 60p less than last time (isn’t that strange?), which is a little disappointing as I was there for a lot longer yesterday.  It could well be that Monday’s are more profitable when coin collecting in supermarkets, I suppose the only way to know for sure will be more coin collection days!

In addition to the bake sale and coin collecting I also received sponsorship money from a number of people, all of which has added up to my most successful week yet!

I have a few other fundraising activities in the pipeline which will hopefully pull off in the next few months. I’m also planning on holding a raffle over Easter (I didn’t hold a raffle alongside the cake sale as I was still waiting to hear back about a few prizes, and I’m glad I did as those prizes have now been offered to me!) so I’m going to be working on approaching local businesses for even more prizes to donate. If you’re reading this and you feel you have a product or service which you can offer as a prize please get in touch 🙂

Signing off now for that chill out hour I was talking about…. I didn’t really keep this post that short did I? Ooops


3 thoughts on “Let them eat cake!

  1. Reblogged this on All the Ideas I Never Had and commented:
    Charlotte, who writes this blog, is raising money for her local hospice by taking on the Inca Trail Challenge next year. She needs to raise £3,600 and is blogging about how it is going. I love her blog because she is doing a great thing and is so positive about it, reading it always makes me smile. She is one of the first followers I had on my blog and she’s nominated me for a Leibster Award. While I try and get my post for that all sorted out and write another post about doing good deeds (which made me think of her blog) I thought I’d reblog something from her to spread the word. Good luck Charlotte.


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