Breaking Bad habits

Breaking Bad habits

Image courtesy of Crutches and Couriers blog, (and a very similar blog post, which was not intentional at all!)

If you’re wondering why I’ve been so busy lately that I managed to neglect my blog for nearly two weeks, it’s because I have finally gotten around to watching Breaking Bad, and as it is on a one month free trial with Netflix we’re really cramming in as many episodes as we can at every opportunity. We’re not doing too badly, we’re already into season four and we’re just over half way through the one month trial. I don’t think we’ll get through every episode before the trial ends, but for £5.99 I’m sure we can manage one month paid.

We were quite late with the Breaking Bad craze, for some reason we didn’t watch it from the start, I can’t quite remember why now, but in any case we knew it was going to be one of those shows that you should really watch from the start and always keep up-to-date with, so we just let it go and knew we’d catch up one day. I’m so pleased we’re finally getting around to it now; it’s such a great show!

Anyway, Breaking Bad is the reason why I’ve been a little lax with my blog recently, so I’ve come up with a strategy to ensure that I don’t neglect my blog too much. I’ve drafted up a few, short (or shorter than usual) blog posts which I can post at my leisure which could well be the new way forward for me.  I’ve had to come back to this blog post and add in that this post was drafted when I hadn’t posted anything for two weeks, I just didn’t seem to plan the order in which I would publish each blog post….something to work on for the future!


Why do I do this to myself?

Ouch, ouch, ouch! My triceps are KILLING me! Seriously, it hurts to put my coat on, it even hurts lifting a mug of tea so that I can have a drink. Why am I in so much pain? Well it’s all self-inflicted. I finally took the plunge and tried out a Les Mills Body Pump class last week, (on Wednesday might I add, as I write this it is Sunday). Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and there was a great atmosphere in the class, but it was hard, really hard.

If you have no idea what Body Pump is, check out the video below.

On Thursday my arms were fine, I even felt a little smug about it, but the fronts of my thighs, (or the quads for anyone fitness minded…. I had to look it up on Google to be sure I was using the right name!) were pretty stiff and painful. On Friday I felt fine, totally fine. Then yesterday I woke up and the pain had set in in my arms…. I hadn’t escaped. The smug feeling from Thursday was well and truly over and self pity set in. I really hoped it would have magically disappeared over night and my arms would be back to normal today, but nope, that was just wishful thinking on my part.

Would I go back and torture myself again? Yes indeed I would, I mean, if I can’t cope with a few exercise classes now, how will I ever make it to Machu Picchu, right? So I’m booked in for another class tomorrow night – bring it on! 


Kitty’s first outing

Ok, so I’ve been a bit rubbish and haven’t stopped by my blog for nearly two weeks, I’m really sorry, I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had chance to sit down and type anything. What is annoying is I’ve had a few ideas of things to blog about and I can’t quite remember what they are!

One thing I can remember, and definitely wanted to share with you all is my little baby’s first outing, that’s right, I’m a proud mama to my ickle kitty Nala who recently turned six months, (don’t they grow up so quickly?). She was neutered a few weeks ago and now that the stitches have done their job and the wound has healed we finally let her loose on the great outdoors… and we were quite surprised.

Ever since we brought her home at 10 weeks old she has been fascinated with what happens on the other side of any window, and she always seems so eager to follow her big brother outside when he goes out, so we thought that when the day finally came for us to open up that door and give her an open invitation to the outdoor world that we wouldn’t see her for days… how wrong we were!

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As you may be able to assume from the photo’s above, our little Nala is rather intimidated by the outside world. She was very cautious, it took about 10 minutes for her to actually cross the threshold of the door, and when she did, she didn’t get very far, maybe 10 metres from the house! We shut the door at one point (to keep the heat in the house) and she flew back to it and started crying, honestly you’d think we’d just killed her favourite toy! She managed a whole 10 minutes outside, if that, before retreating indoors, and hasn’t really made any real effort to go back outside.

Now that another weekend is upon us I will be trying to entice her outside again. I only hope she becomes more brave and comes to love the outdoors as I’d quite like to get a peaceful night’s sleep without her pawing my face or meowing in my ear!

Let them eat cake!

“Where’s she been hiding?” You may well be wondering this as I did my blog post earlier than usual last week. I had intended to write an additional post mid-week, and had even half drafted it last week with a reflection on my participation in Zero to Hero challenge, and I just haven’t had chance to go back to it! I’m keeping this post shorter than what seems to be my usual standard, because after one very busy and hectic week I’m ready to chill out for a whole hour (if I’m lucky) before I go to bed.

So, no doubt you’re wondering what has kept me so busy? Well, this week I’ve been a good little fundraiser and made some excellent progress towards my challenge. This time last week I had raised a total of £626.01 towards my financial target of £3800. In the past week I have more than doubled that sum (just!), raising £627.41 in one week, bringing the grand total to £1253.42! What a fantastic week, and any doubts or concerns that were floating around my head last week (after I realised that I hadn’t really done much during December and January) have been blown away and my confidence is back!

So, how did I manage to raise this figure in less than a week when it had taken three months to previously achieve that figure? Well the majority of those funds came from a bake sale and tombola at work which I had been planning and preparing for a few weeks. Thanks to the generosity, kindness, support and awesome baking skills of my friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, who provided a fantastic selection of cakes, I was able to organise (and I quote one of customers who commented on my Facebook) “the best bake sale yet”. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take photographs of everything set up, however one of my colleagues did take a few photos for me, some of which I’ve included here for your enjoyment…

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I am very pleased to say that this and the tombola (the money all went in to one pot so I’m not sure how much came from the tombola but my guess is about £30-£40) I raised just over £400. I even have cakes left over and I’m still trying my luck to squeeze out a few more donations where possible!

Yesterday I spent the day in a local supermarket again (the same as last time) and collected £147.14 – that’s 60p less than last time (isn’t that strange?), which is a little disappointing as I was there for a lot longer yesterday.  It could well be that Monday’s are more profitable when coin collecting in supermarkets, I suppose the only way to know for sure will be more coin collection days!

In addition to the bake sale and coin collecting I also received sponsorship money from a number of people, all of which has added up to my most successful week yet!

I have a few other fundraising activities in the pipeline which will hopefully pull off in the next few months. I’m also planning on holding a raffle over Easter (I didn’t hold a raffle alongside the cake sale as I was still waiting to hear back about a few prizes, and I’m glad I did as those prizes have now been offered to me!) so I’m going to be working on approaching local businesses for even more prizes to donate. If you’re reading this and you feel you have a product or service which you can offer as a prize please get in touch 🙂

Signing off now for that chill out hour I was talking about…. I didn’t really keep this post that short did I? Ooops


Who’s scared of zombies? Not me!

I don’t know about you, but for me pay day could not come quick enough this month. January always seems to drag on forever, and since I get paid early in December, waiting for pay day is like waiting for Christmas when you’re a kid. I’ve had loads to sort out this month: paying off the credit card after buying some lovely new hiking boots in the January sales (obviously a necessity for my upcoming adventure!); hotels, flights and train tickets for my birthday celebrations; vets bill for the devil kitten (neutered so she can explore the big world outside the window); and tickets to take part in what looks like the most exciting interactive game I have ever seen that is available in the UK!

2.8 Hours Later: Asylum

Simon Evans, who co-founded 2.8 Hours Later, describes the game as becoming a character in your very own horror film. 

The lines between reality and game are constantly blurred and broken, and hearts genuinely do get pumping and minds start racing.

Now, maybe I’m not quite right in the head…. but when I watch that trailer and read that description I just can’t wait for the games to begin! I’ve always loved a good horror film, and although I have no desire to be in a real-life horror film situation, I think it’ll be great fun playing the game. Plus, as an avid viewer of The Walking Dead (hands down the BEST TV show out there as far as I’m concerned) I’ve often wondered whether I would survive a Zombie Apocalypse, or Zombocalypse (it’s a real word, I saw it on the internet somewhere which obviously means it’s real!) and isn’t this the safest way to find out? I mean, I’d hate to have to wait until it actually happened to find out how good/bad my survival skills are, so this will be a good test, and like any good test it will highlight my strengths and weaknesses so I know what areas I need to work on. See, it’s not about having fun, it’s all about personal development and survival…..honestly!

In addition to playing the game and being chased around by zombies, I also want to volunteer to be one of the infected, so I get to chase other people (yep, I have a mean streak!). To do this you must first go to Zombie School (if you are lucky enough to be accepted) which I have to say looks like great fun…

As soon as they start accepting applications for my local city I will be registering my interest to be a zombie, just keep your fingers crossed for me that I get in!