10 Reasons Why Tiger Moms are TOTALLY AWESOME

I almost didn’t click on this, but so glad I did, very entertaining read!

The Ugly Volvo

There’s been a lot of talk about Tiger Moms in the news lately, and by “The News” I of course mean, “My Twitter feed and this one woman at Gymboree who didn’t know me but had very strong opinions.”  Everyone seems to hate tiger moms, but I think they’re great!  Here’s why:

a a tiger moms the ugly volvo

*          *          *

1.  Their Kids Always Look Adorable in Photos

tiger moms the ugly volvo kids adorablePhoto Credit: Jerry Tillery/Flickr

 The main reason God didn’t give tigers opposable thumbs was to keep them off Instagram.  If tigers could access the internet they would spend so much time compiling Snapfish albums of  their adorable baby tigers that they’d forget to keep reproducing and would be extinct within 6 years.

*          *          *

2.  Tiger Moms Are Totally Laid Back About Their Kids’ Friends

tiger moms the ugly volvo pigsPhoto Credit: Leo Fung/Flickr


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