How a monster hiding in a lake has helped me in my fundraising

It scares me how quickly the weekends seem to come around lately. I get to this time of day on a Sunday (late afternoon) and suddenly realise that I haven’t written a blog post in the past week and if I don’t get something written today I just know I won’t have time to write one until next weekend…. and I don’t want to get in to that pattern! I feel like Sunday afternoons/evenings have somehow become ‘blog time’ and it’s become a little part of my routine. It’s great when I have something in mind to blog about, but sometimes I have a little panic about what I’m going to write! That doesn’t apply to this post however, I’ve been rather busy the past two weeks, and have a story to tell behind my activity, so I have plenty to share!

Two weeks ago I set myself some targets, (see here) for my fundraising, targets which were to be completed within one week, and two out of the three were… I just didn’t have time to blog about it.

Speak to local supermarkets about arranging another coin collection day    

I’m very pleased to say that I have spoken with one supermarket, (I will get around to speaking to others, I promise!) and have another coin collecting day in the diary, so in two weeks time I’ll be counting up the pennies so I can tell you how much I’ve raised.

Make enquiries in to holding a bake sale at work

Again, (feeling a little smug here) I have completed this target. I am holding a bake sale in just under two weeks time. And, I’ve already managed to recruit a fair number of friends, family and colleagues to assist me, by providing baked goods – both home-made and shop bought. I’ve produced posters which are now sitting proudly on the back of the door to the toilets (the only place I’m allowed to put them) and have sent a mass e-mail to everyone working in the building so hopefully I’ll have a good turn out!

Ask friends and family to donate any unwanted Christmas gifts that would be suitable as prizes for a raffle

I can’t feel too smug about this one as I only got around to doing this in the past few days, so a little behind schedule, but hey, it’s done so lets not dwell on that too much. I’m pleased to say that I’ve got some very generous friends out there who have offered bits and pieces and I definitely have enough prizes together for a tombola.

In terms of raffle prizes I have been in touch with friends and acquaintances who work for, or run, businesses to see about obtaining prizes of a higher quality which could be used in a raffle. I’m hoping to get enough prizes together in time for the bake sale, but if not I will save these prizes for a future event, or whenever may seem like a good opportunity to run a raffle.

I’m going to tell you about one of the raffle prizes that’s been donated to me as there’s an interesting story behind it which hopefully you won’t mind reading about!

The Langdale Chase Hotel situated on Lake Windermere in the Lake District has provided me with a voucher for Sunday Lunch for two guests. I just want to say a great big thank you to hotelier Thomas ‘The Gladiator’ Noblett for supporting me in my challenge, I am extremely grateful! Thomas is heavily involved in fundraising for charity, having taken on many challenges himself, and has set up his own charity  named “Gladmiral”, a swimming charity for disadvantaged children.

The Langdale Chase Hotel is a stunning hotel situated on the edge of Lake Windermere, with fantastic views over the lake. My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary here, and we had a lovely stay in the Lake House. The hotel has it’s own boat jetty on to the lake where we sat for ages, just watching the boats go by, all the while keeping an eye out for Bownessie. “Who on earth is Bownessie” I hear you ask, well Bownessie could well be the Loch Ness Monster’s “long-lost cousin”! 

Over the years there have been numerous reports of strange encounters in the lake, one encounter involving Thomas during a training session, (in preparation to swim the English Channel!). It’s all down to Bownessie how I came to be know Thomas, his good friend Andrew ‘The Admiral’ Tighe, and the Langdale Chase Hotel, as I was lucky enough to be included in two searches for Bownessie, invited along by my friend Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard. The first search for Bownessie took place in September 2009, (if memory serves correctly!) and was actually filmed for a TV documentary The Lakes.


Camera crew at the ready!

I didn’t get a starring role in the documentary (thankfully!) but you could see me and my bright blue jacket in two or three shots, which was quite exciting. The second search took place a year later, this search wasn’t filmed for TV but it was just as interesting and just as much fun. Unfortunately Bownessie didn’t make an appearance whilst we were actively searching, but it is a huge lake and I’m sure monsters have much better things to do than to come and say hello to a bunch of humans just because we are there, ready and waiting! It all adds to the mystery too of course, if Bownessie keeps hidden, popping up every now and again whenever suits, rather than all the time, it will encourage people to keep looking!

And that is the story behind my raffle prize, I hope you enjoyed learning all about the monster lurking in the depths of Lake Windermere and I haven’t put you off visiting there!



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