How I totally changed my lifestyle in one short year

As it’s January, and (it feels like) the whole world and it’s dog are on a fitness kick, New Year’s resolutions and all that, I thought I’d share with you all what I’ve been up to fitness-wise. I’ve got a lot of time before I start trekking the Inca Trail and climbing up and down hundred’s of steps (possibly thousands, but if it really is thousands of steps I’d rather not know) so I’m not exactly in training mode yet, but I am working on increasing my fitness levels and stamina.

This time last year I did no exercise at all. Well, I would walk from my car to the office and back each day, but that only took 5 minutes or so, so it doesn’t really count. About this time last year I did start calorie counting, using a fabulous free app called MyFitnessPal, which helped me to lose 2 stone in weight. For the first couple of months I just counted the calories and didn’t do any exercise, but still lost weight. In March I took up jogging again (my relationship with jogging is very on again/off again, we don’t really get along) until I got a really horrible viral infection which zapped all of my energy for a good few weeks and ruined the little routine I’d managed to get going. Around that time I finally plucked up the courage to try out a fitness class I’d fancied for years, pole dance classes. In case anyone has the wrong idea, the classes aren’t about stripping or lap dancing or anything like that – it’s more like a gymnastics class with a pole, requiring upper body and core strength, balance (and grace… which sadly I am lacking in, but I think I’m getting better!).


The latest move I managed to accomplish - Extended Buterfly

The latest move I managed to accomplish – Extended Buterfly

After I started going to pole dance classes I started working on building up my strength at home, doing lots of push ups, tricep dips, ab work, squats etc, which made a huge difference in class, giving me the strength I need to do certain moves and to keep myself held up. Doing these exercises really helped me to tone up, giving me loads more confidence and helping me to feel good about myself. In the summertime I got into the habit of going for a walk during my lunch break every day. I tend to walk pretty fast, and I was pushing myself to walk off 200 calories in an hour, solely so I could treat myself to something naughty at the end of the day!

I was quite content with my exercise regime of walking approx 15 miles per week and my weekly pole dance class, it suited me quite nicely and burnt off enough calories to treat myself to the yummy junk food I love so much. That was until November, when I signed up to the Inca Trail Challenge and I knew I’d have to start pushing myself more to build up my stamina. And, November is closely followed by December. You know, that month where alcohol, chocolate, yummy savoury snacks and all kinds of naughtiness are available at every turn? So it was time to add something else in to the mix, and I honestly didn’t see this one coming – Zumba!

My mam has been going to a local Zumba class for a while now, and had been on at me for ages to go along to a class with her, and I kept resisting. Why? Because I have no co-ordination whatsoever, and no rhythm or anything else that helps you shake your hips and do salsa moves (unless I’m drunk, and I’m not convinced that I have these skills when I’m drunk, but by that point I don’t care), and I didn’t want other people to see what a mess I was and not being able to keep up. Then, all of a sudden after months of asking me to go along, she tells me that the class is in the dark with disco lights bouncing around the walls and my ears pricked up. In the dark? Well that didn’t sound too bad, if it’s in the dark then surely it can’t be too easy to see every mistake I make? So I finally went along to a class and gave it a go. As I expected I made a lot of mistakes and couldn’t figure out a lot of the moves, but…. it was fun! And it burns a lot of calories according to the good old MyFitnessPal app, so I’ve been along to quite a few classes now and think this could be something that I keep going to ensure I get a good cardio workout.

Last week, feeling a little flush with Christmas money, I paid for a monthly pass to the fitness centre where the Zumba takes place, which gives me unlimited access to all of the classes which they run – which is a lot! In the past week, as well as Zumba, I’ve tried out a KBX and an HIIT class, last week I didn’t have a clue what either of those acronyms meant! KBX stands for Kettle Bell X-Treme, if you’ve done a MetaFit class before imagine that with kettle bells. I haven’t done a MetaFit class before, so it was quite a shock to the system! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and the class I did today is very much like the Les Mills Grit workout program. I didn’t find this as bad as the KBX class last week, possibly because I was a little bit more prepared and had an idea of what to expect.

So, that’s my little account of where my fitness level currently stands. Looking back over the past year I’m really proud of what I have achieved in terms of weight loss and fitness, and I felt that sharing this with you would give you a better idea of the very lazy lifestyle I once led and how far I have come, and hopefully my future posts will show you how much further I can go!


4 thoughts on “How I totally changed my lifestyle in one short year

    • The altitude is the part I’m worried about, as we don’t have anything in the UK that is near that altitude which I could visit for training. My husband and I visited Bodie State Park in California last August which is an altititude of 2550m. We were fine walking around the state park, but as we were walking to our car it started to pour down with heavy rain and we tried to run back to our car. Gosh that was exhausting and we couldn’t figure out how we had become so unfit in a few days… and then it suddenly dawned on us that the altitude was affecting us! Thankfully I won’t be running on the Inca Trail, so hopefully we will be OK walking at a slow and steady pace. I believe they also recommend drinking Coca Tea to help with altitude sickness!


      • Sharon says:

        Hi Charlotte
        I hope you don’t mind me following your adventure but I’m a friend of Caroline P and she told me all about it. As she may have told you I took part in Macmillans Peru trek back in 2011 and reading your blog has brought all the memories flooding back – the fundraising, the training, the worries about what you’ve actually signed up for! All I can say is you’re gonna have a great trek with fantastic memories to last a lifetime.


      • Not at all, thanks for stopping by! It’s great other from you as Caroline has told me all about your adventures, do you have your next challenge lined up? We must catch up for a cuppa next to rim visiting Caroline, I’d love to hear more šŸ™‚ x


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