All wrapped up! (Well, some of it at least)

I spent last night wrapping up Christmas presents, yep, that’s right, Christmas presents. While it may seem that I am all prepared for Christmas, in reality I am not. It’s all part of my fundraising scheme. This Christmas I am going to be offering up my gift wrapping services (note that I state services and not skills – just in case anyone thinks that this means I can wrap up any obscurely shaped object and create a masterpiece, as I cannot, I am only human after all) in return for donations towards my cause. 

When I first queried with my Facebook friends whether anyone would be interested in a gift wrapping service in exchange for charitable donations, it was suggested that I take photo’s of gifts I have wrapped so that people know what kind of quality to expect. I hadn’t considered this element at all, and thankfully I am a half decent gift wrapper so I am not embarrassed to share some photo’s of my wrappings (not sure if that is the right phrase, but I quite like it so I’m going to use it!). Now there are one or two people out there who are going to look at the photo’s and wonder whether one of those presents is for them. Well it might be. It might not be. Maybe I didn’t buy your present yet so you will just have to wait and see! Anyway, here are some photo’s of my Christmas shopping to date.



If your local to Durham and impressed, (or you just want to off load a Christmas chore, and my wrappings will do) just get in touch and I will take on your Christmas wrapping for 2013 like a handy little elf!


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